A unique sales training carved out for sales leaders and executives in Cyber Security.


9:00AM-1:00PM (Q&A OVER LUNCH)  








As Director of Strategic Accounts, Dakota grew the companies most valuable client base, with the hopes to get acquired. NCI was later purchased by MNP.


Dakota sold a 7 figure deal, the largest in the companies 15 year history for NCI.

Dakota Rae began her sales and marketing career as the youngest employee at the now #1 Cyber Security firm and MSSP in North America, - The Herjavec Group.

Dakota was later published in CEO's Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank's best selling Novel "The Will to Win".

Founded Equation Sales Group in 2016.

Propelled 100 + Canadian and US tech companies to scale globally.

Launched a podcast focused on growth in the tech space. 

CEO/Founder OF Equation Sales

"Separating The Serious From The Curious"


The reality is more then 60% of B2B buyers make buying decisions based on the vendor that gets to them first.

What does that tell us?


Speed matters. More importantly, once you get to the dance, how do you stand out? It's less about your misconception of your unique value prop and more about the experience you provide the customer. 

Here are some more realties, there is very little "IP" out there today, most tech adds value or solves a similar problem for the customer in a similar way. So how do you differentiate? You focus on YOU. YOU are the only unique differentiator when selling amongst your competitors. Are you making the prospects life easy? Are you enjoyable to work with? Are you guiding them along? Asking the right questions at the right time? Setting them up for success?


But don't forget, are you spending time with the right people at the right time? Or as we call it "separating the serious from the curious." Back to my earlier point. Speed matters. If you are wasting your most valuable asset of time with someone who will never buy, your competitors are in front of the ones that are. Our training program is all encompassing. It will provide you a full framework from lead gen to closing in order to enable quick wins and make sure you make an impact along the way.

"During my time at The Herjavec Group, I learned one MAJOR thing. People rarely remember what you said when you walked into the room or during a meeting, because they were half listening.

But they always remember how you made them feel.

Be remembered. Stand out."



1. Effective List Building

Do you know your ideal client target, size and industry? How do you source these prospects today and how do you decide on who to target first and how. List building is the most critical part of the sales cycle. You can spend all your time doing everything else right, but if it's to the wrong person. You're up shits creek.

4. Presentation/Delivery

No one likes death by PowerPoint. No one likes being asked 100 questions. Is your presentation style allowing you to make the best first impression. What are you saying and how are you differentiating yourself right out of the gate. Tech stakeholders are very busy, particularity in cyber as the nature of their work is putting out fires. Don't be naive and think you'll get a 2nd or 3rd at bat, you have to hit it out of the park the first time. We will share ways to present, tell a story and ask the right questions to move the deal along.

2. Effective Messaging

Before you pick up a phone, write an email or send a LinkedIn connection. Do you know what you should be saying? Do you understand the specific pain points to your customers and are your articulating it in a clear way that's easily digestible? Prospects should never have to guess what it is you do. They should know immediately and it should be spelt out in plain English. Tell a story so people can follow along the way. 

5. Qualification/Forecasting

Be selfish with your time. You want to make sure you weed out people who are only there as a fishing exercise. To many sales people get caught in a trap of education, marketing is there to help with that. Sales is there to close deals. In a perfect world, you lose a deal when they went with someone else, not because they didn't buy. We walk you through our 5 to qualify framework, but more importantly, how to incorporate it in all of your communication effectively. 

3. Rare Lead Gen Tactics 

Inside Sales is one of the hardest parts of sales. How do you drum up enough interest to get someone to give you 30 min of your time for an intro? How do you not get lost in the dog pile of cold outreach they get from everyone else? We share unique and rare lead gen tactics to get you to stand out and get a response on call, email and LinkedIn. 

6. Negotiating/Closing

The worst thing you could ever do is fumble the ball in the 4th quarter, yet it happens to so many salespeople. Effectively owning the negotiation is only half of the magic, you must able to ask for the sale. People know you are a sales person and they know you are there to sell them. So, ask for the sale. We provide unique ways to ask for the sale and create urgency and scenarios in which you can draw deals to close!


What will I learn?

This training will provide the skills and insights critical for a sales executive to hunt down new business in the modern-day workplace. It will also leave attendees with tactics to negotiate and secure new business.

How is the training conducted?

Our training will be conducted via Zoom. Each participate will get access to two training sessions. You will also get access to two group coaching calls and one individual coaching call with Dakota Rae.

Will I have opportunities to ask questions?

Each training session will have dedicated time to Q&A to ensure all participants could engage. Should your questions not be answered during the session, you can email Dakota following up to get your questions answered.

Why attend this training over others offered in the market?

The reality is cyber security is niche. Not every sales methodology and tactic work in every industry. Sales executives in cyber security are crunched for time and have the unique experience of selling to stakeholders whose sole puropose is to "put out fires" every single day. Your trainer Dakota who has worked for leading cyber security companies, as well as sold and positioned cyber security services and products with great success!








9:00AM-1:00PM (Q&A OVER LUNCH)