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Turnkey Approach for Increasing Channel Sales and Engagement.

Updated: Feb 20

Ask yourself, do you know any sales rep that doesn't love leads?.

Thriving channel partner relationships can mean great things for your business!  But are you facing challenges? In speaking with our tech clients who have channel partners this seems to be the biggest challenge.

Challenge - Sales Stagnate. 

Has this happened to you? Your partnership kicked off and you hit the ground running. You hosted lunch and learns, seminars, attended client meetings and bought a bunch of drinks! The first quarter or two after the partnership begun you took down deals and thought this was going to be long term. Then suddenly, the "buzz" of your product being the new thing for the sales rep to bring to their customer base fizzled and sales have flat lined.

Turnkey Approach -leads,leads,leads!

We All Know What Channel Partners Provide -

  1. Boost Sales

  2. Decrease Time To Market

  3. Provide Access To Competitive Markets

  4. Reduce Cost of Sales 5.Provide Additional Resources, to name a few.

But what are YOU (as one of their vendors) doing to motivate the sales reps to sell your company over your competitors? 


Sales rep love to work with vendors who are providing them leads! I've been on the other side, working for a resellers who sold over 30 different technologies. The vendors that made their present felt, typically were the ones you worked with more. What better way to be present, what sales rep wouldn’t love leads?  

Kickoff A Sales Campaign - MDF!

Our clients have utilized MDF to run 90-180-day campaigns to generate leads to pass along to their channel partners. Most recently, we provided over 15 leads in the first quarter to a software security start-up looking to get the edge over their competitors. They wanted to feed leads to a local reseller who they knew had long lasting relationships with target clients of theirs. This was their strategy to ensure the partnership started out on the right foot. 

Do you want your channel partners to remember you and go out to market aggressively with your product/service? There must be something in it for them! That's where we can help, turn the key today!



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