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My First Month as a BDR

Updated: Mar 5

As this being my first month as a business development representative, I’ve learned several things from active listening, adaptability, to resilience and lastly coachability and self-awareness. All of these points have helped me become more confident in my sales skills.


My CEO Dakota states everyday that “the best salespeople are the best listeners”. Active listening is very important because as a BDR you need to understand and listen for key words that could help you close or qualify the prospect. Adaptability is huge when it comes to calling because you must be able to pivot when you get thrown different questions and objections. Not being able to adapt could change the call from being a great opportunity, to a dead one. SMILE! Your energy and enthusiasm can turn there mood around.


You must be able to handle no’s. Not being able to handle the objections is something that can really handicap your learning. Understand that hearing no’s, just means that you're so much closer to the yes. Being able to understand all the reasons you have been told no will better arm you for the yes's when it comes. Here at Equation Sales we have a little saying that goes “we just as eager to find the no’s, as we are excited to hear the yes’s.


Confidence and knowing what you're doing is great but sometimes the “know-it-all" mentality can really stunt your own personal growth. Not being able to utilize feedback, your peer’s ideas and processes that have worked for them can keep you stagnant. Also, know your strengths and weaknesses. If you know something is your strength, don’t spend all day only doing things your comfortable with. Understanding your weaknesses will help you elevate to another level when you attack them!



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