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ROI When Outsourcing Sales?

Updated: Feb 20

How we are changing the conversation.

Talking to Senior Executives

We are consistently having the ROI discussion with senior executives and leadership of the clients we look to bring on board.  In the prospecting/business development space the metric senior folks always seem to be fixated on is how MANY APPOINTMENTS can you deliver to me on a monthly/ quarterly basis? In saying that ,most believe if we can deliver 10/15 or 20 meeting per month then some how they are getting ROI for our engagement, and I always ask are you? But what if those 15 meetings never transition into sales? Would you have gotten your ROI then?

Here at Equation Sales Group we are changing the conversation. Most recently, working with a software startup out of California who was very pushy on the concept of us delivering a fixed number of meetings per month. After a successful business development campaign with us, the CEO came to understand that what my competitors were saying was not as valuable as our approach. 

Our Approach vs. Our Competitors

Our Approach vs. Our Competitors 

  1. We won't commit to a monthly number of meetings although our competitors do. We believe companies that says they can predict the number of meetings your target market will take in any given month is doing a wee bit of fibbing, even possibly pushing through unqualified meetings to hit targets.

  2. Let's say they are hitting that target on a consistent basis, we would say a few of those meetings are as an example favors from their vendor buddies/ previous customers with good relationships to fulfill their commitment to you. All in all, meaning not qualified or real meetings that won't result in sales. 

  3. We guarantee if we can consistently pass along a few qualified opps a month that transition into sales that are 2x,4x ,6x etc what our monthly retainer is, I'm sure you will continue doing business with us until it goes out of style. 


The CEO agreed, seeing a 4x profit on our monthly retainer from just 1 sale was good enough for him. He came to understand number of appointments isn't as important as quality and conversion. We completed their initial campaign in April and are now kicking off their 1 year business development campaign into the Financial and Utility sectors in the US and Canada. 



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