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How much is call reluctance costing you?

Updated: Feb 20

Are you nervous on sales calls?

Can't seem to get over objections or get anyone to commit to a meeting?

We fully recognize that the ability to be personable and understand rapport is key while speaking to a potential customer. Here are some tips that tricks that Equation sales group engage in that lead to increasing amounts of success and growth of sales.

  • The correct use of pauses while speaking can significantly change the way in which the prospect hears you.

  • Those pauses induce cliff hangers, which does engage the customer further than just speaking constantly as if reading off a script.

  • Being lively and enthusiastic are simple but important factors while on a sales call, prospects can sense your energy through the phone.

  • Although this seems basic, a lot of sales reps forget that pleasantries go along way in a conversation an provide a sense of ease to who your speaking to.

  • I know it may not sound it, but objection handling is an art. It takes both time and practice to perfect, there aren't any shortcuts in this business.

Last but not least as the saying goes, stay calm and take a deep breath, remember nobody will say yes to you unless you believe it.

Apply these pointers to your repertoire, continue to hone your skills and don't take no for answer. If you do so, you will find significant increase and advancement in both sales and comfortably on the phones.



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