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Are Sales and Marketing approaches still in a Jurassic stage?

Updated: Mar 3

We are very excited to begin marketing our Managed Services, The SMART™ Equation. We have revolutionized several of our clients Sales, Marketing and Growth processes! We have found the massive gap within the most integral part of most tech firms and been able to provide powerful Lead Generation results to our tech partners.

Our SMART™ Equation is as follows:

S- Sales: The most important component of any business, sales makes the world go round and it’s in your best interest to have hunters in your corner who kick down new doors and garner new logos for your organization.

M- Marketing: Social, Linkedin, Email marketing, etc. It all falls under our marketing portfolio. We strategically use this to aid in brand recognition, company outreach and SALES! Since the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing, we have combined Sales & Marketing into one, under one pane of glass. If your not using one to aid the others efforts, your catastrophically impairing revenue and overall growth of your business.

A- Analytics information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics, by definition. We take the statistics around all forms of outreach as well as customer and prospect information, assess and strip down the data, then push it back into our system so that we can improve, refine and enhance our efforts.

R- Reporting: A very underused and unappreciated aspect in todays business world. Reporting in the growth process is key for any business and must be both tailored and configured specifically depending on the business. With real time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc reporting functions, were able streamline growth processes and ensure your business is taking every measure possible to succeed.

T- Tool: A device or implement, used to carry out a particular function. The trick about tools is they are only as good as the person using them and they are only useful if you use them correctly and to their fully capacity. Sales, Marketing, Analytics, and Reporting are all good individually, but it's the coming together of all components, the coming together to create this tool which allows us to maximize their potential for the best imaginable results!



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