EQ Cyber is hyper focused on delivering customized growth services to Cybersecurity organizations. Cybersecurity is estimated to be a $152.21 billion market so there is tremendous opportunity to growth. But how do you stand out in a highly competitive market?


We understand cyber is niche and requires a specialty to connect, positions and sell it IT and business stakeholders. Through our 10+ years in cyber security we enable your team with the tools and insights to grow but more importantly truly enable scale.


Skip The Learning Curve

We know how to spell firewall and we know what SIEM stands for, save valuable time and go with someone who gets it!





Leverage our leadership teams experience as a virtual VP of Sales/Marketing to provide the tools and insights to grow your business. This service is highly customizable and we can work with you on GO-TO-MARKET planning, product positioning, pricing, overall message and tactics to grow the sales arm. Your time your agenda, we just get it done.

BDR 2.0​

Utilize our team's experiences to provide your BDR team with the scripts, cadences, objective handling and creative tactics to secure more net new meetings for your business. In a ultra-competitive market it's important your BDR stand out amongst the crowd, we give them the tools to not be forgotten.



Do you have a full understanding of your current Revenue and reputation practices? Do you fully understand your sales tools and process as well as marketing automations and social platforms? Are the set up for success? Our team provides a deep dive overview of all customers facing materials as well as company systems and serves up a detailed report to outline all the ways for you to innovate to win! More importantly, we pvovide the path to get there. 




We are of the hunter mentality, what do we mean? We come from the school of no warm leads, so if you didn't go out and find them you weren't hitting quota it's that simple! Our training provides your sales team with the confidence to adopt the "hunter mentality" We provide objective handling, unique ways to pivot, pitch practice, how to probe and qualify faster, negotiate and close deals. We understand getting to the no's gets us that much closer the Yes's. Let's build you a team of hunters. 





Separating The Serious From The Curious

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