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A Santa Monica, California-based B2B HR software and services company needed assistance getting their product offerings to their preferred target titles and markets. The company wanted to increase brand recognition and needed assistance generating more, as well as better qualified leads to pass along to their Sales Directors.

We were tasked with targeting prospects across titles that included

HR, Benefits, Finance and Operations who were Manager,Director, VP and C-Suite level. Targets could only be companies with headcount of  5000+ employees.


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Our Journey

Get out in front of “NO’s”, which leads to more “YES’s"

Step 1 |

We spent time to thoroughly understand's offering and key differentiators. By playing devils advocate we were able to pull key information from the sales team while role playing in order to come up with a pitch that was able to get our BDR's out in front of NO's, which leads to more YES's.

Step 2 | 

At the onset of our engagement provided us with 9-11 potential job functions that we could target in order to secure a meeting. Through our vetting process we identified 3 specific job functions to target as they were yielding the most results. Through our intellectual routing, we were able to slot those targets to the top of our call queue. This way we can target the job functions that are responsible to overcome the specific pain point solves.

Step 3 | 

Continuous monitoring and adapting. We have continued to stay on top of relevant industry news and ensure we keep our pitch fresh to stay current and top of mind with prospects. We monitor our stats daily to understand the adjustments that have to be made if any. We work collaboratively with the team to stay ahead of competitors with prospects. 

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