As Director of Strategic Accounts, Dakota grew the companies most valuable client base, with the hopes to get acquired.


Dakota sold a 7 figure deal, the largest in the companies 15 year history for NCI.

NCI was later purchased by MNP.

Dakota Rae began her sales career as the youngest employee at the now #1 IT Security firm in North America, - The Herjavec Group.

Dakota was later published in Robert's best selling Novel "The Will to Win".

Founded Equation Sales Group in 2016.

Propelled 100+ Canadian and US tech companies to scale globally.

Our Priority Is To Enable Our Clients to Win! 

Equation Sales is a leading B2B tech sales and marketing strategy firm HQ out of Toronto, ON with a global footprint. In a competitive marketplace, it's important to lead with speed and intention. As an innovative team of sales and marketing strategist, we provide the tools, strategy and insight to enable your business to be one step ahead of your competitors. With our experience and efficiency model, we are uniquely positioned to deliver unmatched sales and marketing expertise, all while saving our clients

30-40% annually. 

Our Culture

Focused, Passionate and Hardworking

Our team is made up of creative, energetic (some may say fiery) sales and marketing professionals from all walks of the technology space.


We believe in working hard, but we also know to survive in sales you must have a sense of humor. There's a time and place for everything and we take our work seriously and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver quality to our clients. At the same time, you have to remember to have fun and there is no shortage of that on our team!


Our competitive mindset oozes energy into the sales and marketing floor which fires the team up for success every day! Who better to have propel growth for you then a group of entrepreneurial and results driven hunters? 



Separating The Serious From The Curious

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